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Guya ... not know? working in his small but vast world of passion for things well done, is a craft book, works exclusively with his hands, not running behind the time, with no machine, with the methods once; take' whatever your book reduced evil and not transform ', but' it will 'return as it was ... beautiful, usable. Rely on her with confidence.


In the practice, is the work of an orderly group of sheets, with systems suitable to make them united, well-united with each other, all enclosed inside the cover-cover suits. The bookbinder covers both the working sheets, as well as the construction of cover and its application to the book. Today not connects more 'as a time and industrial systems have made everything' highly mechanized, practical and also quite convenient in terms of timing, both in the currency, the machines that produce books, booklets and rhythms impossible to any one time, are the result of true mechanical engineering, a true tribute to progress. You can 'say that some of the substance of culture today enlarged and be available to all her daughter also has these technological marvels, they are totally, any measure, early and effectively. When you take in hand and browse a book "brossato - pasted", (the system today more 'used, the one with the glue on the coast under the cover), but there is' a significant difference with the binding done by hand, ie ' "Linked", sewn by hand on the chassis. This' be mainly due to system junction between individual sheets, they do not have the glue that holds them together and paired on the board and thickness, but the thread of cotton that, as in tailoring, enters and exits, passing inside the folder each sheet double, a beautiful job, moreover, much more 'durable, that the machine can not' do, or not as a human hand.

It follows an open book and browse a very different, more 'soft anywhere, even from new. The book bound by hand, just open, sdraia in hand open, whether lying on a floor pages tend not to meet, is soft and consenting short ...

Guya...bookbinder for very passion


is a bookbinder of elderly experience, connects in all styles, with all materials, all sizes; capable of doing even written in gold or silver with the press hot on the front and on the coast, produces personally cards, cards colorful, varied, to the outside and the inside, his cards are truly unique, and each sheet is produced by a manual system original historical that determines one aspect and a design of colors random and not random, unique for each single sheet, unrepeatable. Even the book very ruined, with her, passing in good hands, you already provides' collectors, clubs, libraries, but certainly will take 'care also willingly to your old favourite book, and you can contact them here, writing on the link to the left a.. . ....GUYA

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book for hands very olds  books...


book and papier old papier and leather

tex - leather -papier


With its card is also any,

paper and 'flexible, here are a few examples ...

Here is a sample minimum of cards produced completely by hand by you


And here are some examples of paper made with the cards just above viewsi

medi-book telephone mini book for canasta

oter for telephone agend


box notes telephone


box toys


thanks you... to have read !



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